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About Sextant Business Technology Solutions 
Sextant BTS is a computer solutions firm. We help small and mid-size businesses with 5 to 75 computers to leverage their network to increase productivity and improve competitiveness while reducing costs. Since 2003, we have been working with businesses that depend on a reliable, secure and efficient computing network to run a competitive and profitable business. We provide services across the for-profit and non-profit sectors to organizations engaged in retail, construction, architecture, manufacturing, oral and veterinary medicine, aviation and more.

About Our Name
The sextant is a navigational tool. Using it requires skill in mathematics and chart reading, knowledge of the heavens and earth, and some common sense. Traditionally, a ship’s captain relied on his first mate to determine position, course and distance traveled by means of the sextant. There was no better way to be sure the ship arrived in the right port without wasting precious time and resources.

We think of Sextant BTS as a first mate for small and mid-size businesses. Our expertise and practical knowledge help you get your business to its destination.

Our Principals


Andrew Kieran

Andrew has over thirty years of experience in both start-up and Fortune 500 environments, most recently as the Director of Information Technology for a prestigious private school. He has extensive experience in:

• Integrating systems and software

• Implementing secure communications links

• Planning and executing system upgrades

• Diagnosing and resolving hardware and software issues encompassing both Windows and Apple systems

Kevin Smith
Kevin serves as Sextant BTS's business manager and has 25 years of experience in IT consulting. He has worked with both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies and has extensive experience in:

• Designing, implementing and supporting Microsoft-based networks

• Conducting site inventories and presenting best practices solutions

• Serving as a client representative to 3rd party IT vendors

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