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Want to feel comfortable knowing that your systems will work when you need them?
We take a proactive approach to securing your system against threats like viruses and hackers. Additionally, we monitor your systems, keeping them up-to-date against new threats as they arise.

How will you be using your technology a year from now?
You need a partner that knows technology AND your business! Sextant BTS will provide the professional guidance and direction that you need to plan for the future and grow your business.

We work by the project, by the hour or on an ongoing basis. In all cases, we work as your partner by giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about how technology will most effectively support your business.

Tired of paying more than expected?
We provide a detailed description of the work we’re going to complete and the associated costs. No surprises.

Network Design and Support

Whether this is your first network or you’re planning an upgrade, Sextant BTS has experience with the following networks: 

• Local Area

• Wide Area

• Wireless


• Apple

Data Backup and Recovery

You have the right to expect your computers to work when you need them. We:
• Take care of upgrades and patches
• Recover lost data

• Back up and verify data so that it isn’t lost in an emergency
• Diagnose and fix performance problems

Hosted Services

Today’s businesses can’t live without the Internet. We help clients establish:
• Email systems
• Secure web browsing
• Remote access and sharing

Information Protection

Keeping your data safe and accessible is critical. We work to ensure your proprietary data is protected by:

• Auditing your systems

• Detecting and protecting your business from intrusions
• Establishing policies and procedures that will secure your data

In all that we do, our goal is to provide our clients with secure and economical alternatives, options and solutions.

IT Management

Few small businesses have a technology manager permanently on staff. Sextant BTS can manage projects on demand. You can benefit from our years of experience while only paying for what you need, when you need it. Our IT services include:
• Project management
• Vendor selection
• Contract negotiation
• Staff management oversight
• Strategy development

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